HANNspree Tablet Accessory HSG1303 User Manual

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Control information  
This device is in accordance with the requirements in Radio & Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive  
This device complies with the requirements in EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/EC and Low Voltage  
Directive 2006/95/EC.  
The highest CE SAR value for the device is 1.34 W/Kg.  
Recycling information  
Hannspree attaches great importance to our environmental policy, and firmly believe that we can better protect the "health"  
of the earth by properly disposing and recycling the industrial technological equipment that has reached service life.  
These devices contain recyclable materials, which can be re-added to new material after decomposition. In contract, other  
materials are classified as dangerous and toxic substances. We sincerely hope that you contact the relevant institutions  
based on the information we provide to recycle this product.  
For more information, please visit:  
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Preventing Hearing Loss  
Caution: Permanent hearing loss may occur if earphones or headphones are used at high volume for prolonged periods of  
This device have been tested to comply with the Sound Pressure Level requirement laid down in the applicable  
EN 50332-1 and/or EN 50332-2 standards.  
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For the correct use and good performance of the device, the user must fully understand the manual as well as strictly  
follow the instructions provided.  
Please avoid high temperatures (over 35°C) or low temperatures (below 0°C).  
Never knock the main machine violently.  
Never let the device come in contact with chemicals such as benzene, thinner etc.  
Do not let the device get close to strong magnetic field, electric field etc.  
Keep away from direct sunlight or heating appliances.  
Never privately dissemble, repair or modify the device.  
Do not operate the device and earpiece during activities such as: bicycling, car and motorcycle driving is as it is likely to  
cause danger.  
Never use higher volume, which may damage your hearing ability.  
Please charge under the following circumstances:  
A. The battery icon shows no power ( ) on the upper-right corner of the screen.  
B. The system automatically shuts down, and immediately shuts down after a re-start.  
C. The operating button does not respond.  
D. The product displays the red icon ( ) on the upper-right corner of the screen.  
DO NOT throw the battery in municipal waste.  
The crossed out wheeled bin symbol indicates that  
the battery should NOT be placed in municipal  
HANNspree Europe Holdings BV: Marco Poloweg 6  
5928 LE Venlo The Netherlands  
HANNspree UK Ltd: Ground Floor, Suite F, Breakspear Park, Breakspear Way, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire,  
HP2 4TZ  
Do not attempt to replace the battery of your HannsPad yourself, you may damage the battery and this could cause  
overheating and injury. The lithium-ion battery in you HannsPad should be replaced only by HANNspree or a HANNspree  
Authorized Service Provider, and must be recycled or disposed of separately from household waste. Do not incinerate the  
battery. For more information about battery recycling and replacement, go to  
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1. The information in this manual may not, except under written license by The Company, be copied, transmitted,  
distributed, or stored.  
2. Although efforts have been made for the correctness and completeness during the preparation of the manual, there is  
no guarantee that this manual is free from any error or omission. The Company assumes no reliability regarding the  
errors or omissions that might exist in the manual.  
3. For sustainable development, The Company reserves the right to modify and improve any product described in this  
manual without prior notice.  
4. Under no circumstance shall the Company assume any liability, direct or indirect, related to data or income loss, or any  
special, accidental, incidental or indirect losses.  
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What is in the box  
Check Supplied Items  
Micro USB cable  
Power adapter  
Tablet PC SN80W71 (HSG1303)  
Power adapter (optional)  
The included adapter head may vary depending on the region.  
The illustrations in this document may appear differently from your model.  
This Quick Start Guide and a Warranty card are also included.  
• If any item is damaged or missing, contact your point of purchase for assistance.  
• Use only approved accessories.  
• Accessories may vary by country or region.  
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1. Product Overview  
1.1 Front View  
Front Camera  
Power Key  
For video chatting or taking self-portrait pictures.  
• Press and hold to turn the device on or off.  
• Press to turn the backlight on / off and put the device into  
sleep mode.  
Volume Keys  
Press to adjust the volume.  
About the Power key:  
Power on: Press and hold the key for 2~3 seconds until the device is turned on.  
Power off: Press and hold the key until the option menu appears on the screen. Select Power off and tap  
OK to turn the device off.  
Reset: Press the RESET button and the device will power off automatically. Then press and hold the  
POWER button for at least 10 seconds to turn the device on.  
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1.2 Back View  
Rear Camera  
For taking pictures or recording videos.  
Micro SD/SIM Card  
Slot Cover  
Remove the cover to access the micro SD card and SIM  
card slot.  
Emits sound output.  
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2. Initial Operation  
2.1 Managing and Charging the Battery  
Before using the tablet PC for the first time, fully charge the battery. This tablet PC has a  
built-in polymer battery; use only the dedicated charger to charge the device.  
In order to prolong the service life of the device, use the device until the battery is depleted before  
charging the battery the first two times.  
To charge the battery, connect the charger / adapter to the device and the DC jack.  
For the first two times of charging the battery, the charging time may take up to 10 hours; succeeding times  
may take up to 5 hours.  
During charging, the battery icon on the screen will scroll.  
When charging is complete, the battery icon will turn blue and stop scrolling.  
When you plug in the charger after the device shuts down due to low power, it may take a while before the  
system enters the Home screen.  
When the device is not in use, be sure to turn off the device.  
If the device will not be used for a long time, be sure to discharge and then charge the battery once  
a month.  
The built-in polymer battery must be recharged regularly. Battery damage caused by depletion or by  
the use of an unauthorized charger are not covered by the warranty.  
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2.2 Connecting to the Wi-Fi Network  
A Wi-Fi connection makes it easy to connect to the Internet. Once you have successfully connected  
to a Wi-Fi network, the device will automatically connect to the network when you are within range.  
To configure the Wi-Fi connection, do the following:  
1. Tap and drag the status bar downward to open the notification panel.  
2. On the Quick Settings screen, tap SETTINGS.  
3. Turn on Wi-Fi. The device searches for available networks within range and displays the  
searched Access Point (AP) names on the right panel.  
Tap the Wi-Fi switch button to turn Wi-Fi on or off.  
The Wi-Fi icon showing  
The Wi-Fi icon showing  
indicates Wi-Fi is turned off.  
indicates Wi-Fi is turned on.  
4. Tap an access point name that you want to connect to. If the selected access point is  
protected by a password, the device will prompt for the password.  
5. If prompted, enter the password to connect to the AP.  
The password entry is required only when connecting to the AP for the first time.  
To make the Wi-Fi password visible while typing it, select the “Show password” checkbox.  
6. Tap Connect.  
Some public places offer free wireless internet access. This means no password is required to establish  
the connection.  
For secured networks, you may need to enter several parameters to complete the settings. If you are not  
sure about the parameters, please contact your local Internet Service Provider (ISP).  
This tablet PC keeps track and recognizes Wi-Fi networks that have been connected before. Once Wi-Fi is  
turned on and a known connection is detected, the device automatically connects to that network.  
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2.3 Connecting PC and Data Transmission  
Use the supplied USB cable, connect the device to the PC to transfer data or power up the device.  
NOTE: USB charging only supports 500mA. If the battery power is lower than 4%, the device cannot be turned  
To enter the USB disk mode to copy and delete files to and from the PC, do the following:  
1. When the operation menu appears, tap “USB connected”: Tap “Turn on USB storage” on the  
prompting window, then enter the data transmission state.  
2. Locate the tablet storage card and SD card (if the card has been plugged in) in My  
Computer list.  
3. After data transmission, tap “Turn off USB storage”, and then it will quit the data  
transmission state.  
NOTE: Before quitting the state of data transmission, please safety remove them from the PC, otherwise the  
file may be missing.  
2.4 Use Micro SD card  
After connecting the device to a PC, you will find two removable disks, the front one is the  
built-in-memory disk, the other one is the Micro SD card disk. If there is no card plugged in, the  
second disk cannot be opened. The device supports up to 32GB Micro SD card expansion.  
Plug-in: insert the memory card with the side with prints facing to the front of the device. Push the  
memory card into the card slot until it is firmly seated. Now the device can access the data and play  
the files stored on the card.  
Plug-out: push Micro SD card slightly inward to release it from the slot. Then gently pull it out of the  
card slot.  
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3. The Android Interface  
3.1 Home Screen  
After powering on the device, the locked Home screen is displayed. After you unlock the screen, the  
main Home screen appears.  
The following describes the main touch screen area and some tips on how to use the touch screen.  
(Google Search)  
Status Bar  
Default AndroidTM  
All APPs button  
Navigation Bar  
Status Bar  
Display notifications and system icons such as Wi-Fi connection  
status, battery power/ battery charging status, current time, and  
USB connection status.  
Widget (Google Search)  
Enter the text you want to search in the search box.  
Tap an icon to open the corresponding application.  
Default AndroidTM  
Tap to reveal all AndroidTM applications and widgets installed  
on your Tablet PC.  
All APPs button (  
• To create shortcuts on the Home screen, refer to “Managing  
• To install other application, search and download it from  
Play Store.  
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